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Great Water Quality Is Important in Catering

Uniform water quality with a great taste is a key link in the value-added chain and essential for financial success in the vending and catering hong kong market.

Top water quality ensures that all taste products that depend on water are “on flavour”, guaranteeing maximum sales in a sector that is dictated by customer acceptance. Quality water optimizes the processes involved in steaming and the efficient operation of combi-steamers and ovens. It also helps to lengthen the service life of all water-based appliances so they function more reliably in a professional environment.

But when it comes to water itself, every local situation is different. The biological, chemical and physical inter-relationships that need to be taken into account here are extremely complex. The filtration of drinking water is a science in itself, calling for in-depth research and development, outstanding technical expertise and the mastery of sophisticated analytical techniques.
In short, pure high-tech.

A filter head for all types and sizes
– Universal filter head
– Flexible – a single connection head for all filter types and sizes

For hot drinks markets

Hot drinks such as espresso, latte macchiato, cappuccino, tea and cocoa are important sales generators, offering attractive margins for the catering and hospitality industry. These specialties are also gaining ground in the vending sector. They result in acceptable sales and contributions to overheads – i.e. when the quality of the products meets the high demands of consumers.

This means that caterers and their suppliers are united by a shared passion: perfect coffee specialties, fine aromatic tea and full-bodied cocoa. Only when water quality, technology and ingredients are perfectly aligned with each other will everyone’s needs be met: the customer, who can enjoy the product and return for more – the caterer, who enjoys continued business success, and the manufacture of coffee and hot drinks machines, whose first-class technology comes into play and continues well into the future.

For the vending sector

Vending products are still popular today because they have evolved into attractive lifestyle products. Modern vending machines in more and more offices. When cleverly positioned, they act like a magnet – a place where colleagues can gather to chat and purchase high-quality vending products. There are also other reasons for the boom in the vending sector. The machines’ performance, the quality of the raw material and the vending products created by them have all improved immensely.

However, one raw material is often overlooked, even though it plays an extremely significant role, and that is water itself. To ensure consistent vending product quality and to protect appliances from limescale deposits, the water must be optimized with a filter, not just any filter, but the right one. The water optimization systems are the only solutions suitable for a thriving vending sector, combining high operational security, low operating costs, good availability of machines and convenient filter replacement, and the latter with minimal frequency. In summary, the convenience and cost-effectiveness brought to you contribute to your success in the vending industry.

For combi-steamers

Modern chefs and successful catering businesses are completely reliant on combi-steamers and ovens. In addition to normal heat, fine steam is another important factor in the cooking process, opening up a whole new spectrum of cooking methods. In short, combi-steamers and ovens are highly-productive, all-round miracle workers in professional and domestic kitchens alike.

Reliable water optimization is essential for steam generation in kitchen equipment. Woda-pure S series cartridges are optimized specifically for this task, offering the completely reliable removal of unwanted minerals and impurities from drinking water. The result is impressive in every respect – for your meals, your appliances and your wallet !

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