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Before Starting an Online Flower Shop

The rapid development of mobile Internet and owning an online shop are the best choice for offline florists to increase sales or those who do not have enough funds to open a physical shop. It is also an attempt to adapt to the times. Here are the pollen who want to open a flower online shop to share the experience of opening an online flower shop.


1. Deliberation Before Starting Your Business

Before opening a shop, you need to think about the specific position of the flower shop. Whether to open a flower shop that you manage and sell, purchase and pack flowers by yourself, contact offline shops and customers or just be a referrer to provide the network platform to earn money. Before making a decision, you must comprehensively consider your actual situation, such as whether the funds are sufficient.


2. How to Find the Resources

You can carefully understand the flower material supply process first. If you have friends around you who make flowers, you can learn from them.
Before determining purchase, please try to look for more reliable suppliers for comparison, whether it is a local florist or an imported florist.


3. Choose Platform or Website

Many platforms provide free shop opening services now, which can save a lot of money.


4. Namebling

Naming your own store is a part that many people easily overlook. The name has replaced the impression of the store to a certain extent. If you listen to the name, you will have a good impression, and you will know more about this store, especially the online store. It is difficult for customers to see your products intuitively. They will only like the name of the store and see a promotional image that has a good impression, and then click in to view the product. A good name must be the first to catch people.


5. Pricing

The general price is three times the flower cost. 1/3 of the selling price is the cost. Another 1/3 price is the fixed cost of the operation (including water and electricity, labour expenses, delivery charges, flower loss, etc.). And the remaining 1/3 price is targeted to get around 30% profit. According to this pricing, the profit of the turnover may keep for about 30% hopefully and some owner even set the selling price for five times of the flower cost.
In addition, the retail price of flowers will be affected by low and peak seasons, so there is no way to fix it too much. But generally, prices in summer are lower than winter, and prices for major festivals are much higher than usual.


6. Appearance Design

Product pictures should show their own unique style while paying attention to the overall coordination. It should be noted that the specifications of the pictures must be consistent. Please avoid too large or small, disorderly arrangement on a section. The pictures must match the actual product.


7. Marketing Promotion

Most of the current online stores adopt a membership management system, which can manage a variety of electronic cards, and carry out activities such as full discounts, group purchases, discounts, cash back, and lotteries in a timely manner. It is also a good way to choose to cooperate with nearby stores.


8. After-sales Services

Needless to say, perfect and thoughtful after-sales service is a very important point for a long-lasting business. Keep in touch with customers uninterruptedly and do a great job in customer services management.

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