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What to Do with My Belongings Because of COVID-19

Over the past few months we have been helping students from all over the world sort out what to do with their belongings following the outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).  At a moment’s notice we supported students who had no choice but to return home. We asked our team: what are the most common questions from the students needing to move, ship or pack their belongings to storage at this time? Below is the feedback we received.   We hope this helps and do contact us if you have any more questions. 


I need to travel home but am unsure what to do with my belongings whilst I am away, what are my options?

There are two basic options:
– store your possessions whilst you are away
– have them shipped to you, it really depends on whether you need them in the next term / semester.

You do not need to travel to the storage unit, we will bring everything you need to you at your accommodation: boxes, bubble wrap, tape and a pen to write your name and Job Number on each box. We will also collect those items that do not fit in the boxes: chairs, bicycle, portfolios with drawing. We have our own fleet of vans and their drivers who are there to assist you. If you are moving to another university, we can assist with this situation too. You can store your possessions and when you return to have those possessions move to a new town or city with our Mini Move service if your new address is more than 50 km from your collection address. Alternatively, you may think that there are items you no longer need or you have decided you are not returning, in which case you can use our Baggage service to move them home at the most competitive price.


How do I pack my belongings, so they are safe and secure?

As mentioned in Point 1, we will provide you with all the packing materials you need to pack up. Each box has a set of helpful packing tips printed on the top, or, you can view some of our videos for assistance. We will not pick up items packed into bin liners.

Are there any new procedures about collecting and delivering my belongings because of COVID-19 that I will need to follow?

In order to protect you and our driver, we must ask that you bring your packed possessions to the ground floor outside at kerbside of the building. You will be sent an estimated arrival time for our driver the evening before, so you only need to be available for that hour. The driver will then arrive and collect your possessions. The driver is under instruction not to enter the building and maintain at least 2 paces away from you during the process of delivery or collection.

Are there any restrictions about what I can pack because of COVID-19?

Moval services provider ships personal effects and household items around the world, there are no restrictions on any items like that, however, if your packages are filled with multiple hand cleansers, face masks, or similar items that you, as an individual would not reasonable be able to use then you shipment may be seized. If you are using air service, we will not be able to accept those items.

Are there any delays to shipments because of COVID-19?

We are updating our webpage daily on the status of each country to which we ship. In the event that you ship your possessions home and the destination country then imposes a lockdown. Your shipment will be received, clear and stored for free until the lockdown is lifted. You will still have to pay any destination charges that arise even if your shipment remains in storage.

What happens if things change while my belongings are in storage; can I ship them when I have more information?

Moval services provider operates its own global network, if your plans change then simply let us know and we can have your possessions forwarded to you. You will be required to complete the shipping documentation for your home country, but these can be accessed online so you can be sitting at home to complete them.

What if I have more questions, who can I speak to?

Moval services provider operates three Business Centres around the world so there will always be someone available 24/7 who can assist you, but our website also has videos to explain our service or aspects of the service that you might need answered.

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