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Smart Light Control

The house is a living machine, a practical product for self-service. How to use the key space plan to maximize the convenience and freedom of living here? This time, we will use concise and direct narratives, real and accurate visual images to help residents answer their questions.

If you want to explore how people get a “sense of liberation” in their home life, then the best way to create an atmosphere, give space convenience, and turn on people’s emotions must be the free control of lighting. With the development of the smart home industry and the proliferation of products, whether it is a long-term focus on the smart industry or active consumers who are immersed in the Internet environment, they must have considered integrating different home devices into the smart home system. The smart light bulb hong kong has the advantages of convenience, beauty, safety, and energy saving. It can use mobile phones to control the lighting and scene effects, which is extremely convenient. Proper design can even improve the quality of life at home.


1. Why Do We Need Smart Light Control? 

When I was about to leave the house with my shoes on, I found that the bedroom light was off; I got under the quilt on a cold winter day and remembered that the bathroom light was still on; I found the bathroom light was working all day when I came back from work; the whole family was worried about being dark when traveling. ‘S house can’t let people know the situation of pets in the house all the time…

Unexpectedly, in 1955, the “lazy bones” human beings who could nest on the sofa to switch TV channels with wireless remote control would have to face the “light-off anxiety” brought by ordinary light control in 2021. Imagine if the light control can also be solved on the mobile phone or simply set a few buttons to turn off the light, does it provide great convenience?


2. What Are The Benefits Of Smart Light Control? How To Achieve It? 

“Remote Switch”

If you are away from the switch for work, travel, or before going to bed, you can control the light switch with remote control, timing, concentration, and remote control.

If only switch control does not require dimming and color adjustment, use aqara green rice, a mature zero-fire/single-fire smart switch + ordinary LED lamps + gateway. This control mode is also our most recommended and most cost-effective mode.

“Dimming and Toning”

Intelligently adjust the brightness and color temperature of the light to provide comfortable lighting areas and brightness for study, work, and rest scenes. If you only need to set up dimming and color-changing ambient lights in a small area of your home, you can directly buy yeelight lights with mobile phone control.

If you want to achieve more complex effects, you can choose a system of supporting switch panels + smart lamps + controller + gateway.

But the more functional scenarios you want to achieve, the more complicated it is, and the higher the cost will be. In addition, the dimming and color adjustment functions of most smart lamps will affect the lighting stability of the lamps themselves. For example, the strobe is serious, and the color rendering index of most dimming and color lamps is not high, and the scientific and professional light environment design and High-quality ordinary lamps can already provide a suitable home lighting environment, so if it is not a scene that requires dimming and color adjustment, it is not recommended to choose the dimming and color adjustment function.

“Interaction between panel smart light control switches and other smart home products”

From a practical point of view, we generally recommend setting up common scenes, such as one-key turn-off function, door sensor lighting, and voice control through smart speakers.

More complicated are the vacation (away from home) scenes that simulate the owner’s home state, the daily scenes where the TV lights are automatically dimmed, and the curtains are pulled up, and the meeting scenes where friends are invited to come to the house, and the lighting is in order from far to near. Sleeping scenes that go out and so on.

The smart light control switch is combined with other simple smart home products to achieve most of our interactive needs in life scenes.

But if you set up a lot of complex linkages, you need to increase linkages with other 飛利浦 hue smart devices. The lamps also need to choose smart lamps with dimming and color adjustment to achieve, and some also involve lighting programming. Unless you are an intelligent in-depth enthusiast, you can only realize these intelligent lighting scenes that are not used several times a year. The price/performance ratio is not high. Only the control switch can actually meet most of the needs of life.


3. Concerns About Installing Smart Light Control 

You already have ordinary lamps at home, but don’t want to waste them and replace them all?

First confirm whether the existing lamps in the home are LED lamps. If so, replace the switch with a single-fire smart switch panel and add a smart gateway to transform it into a smart lamp control that can control the switch; if it is not, it cannot be modified.

Worried about affecting WIFI speed?

At present, smart devices can only intelligently access the 2.4G frequency band, and cannot access 5G or combined frequency bands. But you can buy a dual-band router with sub-band settings, and the 2.4G frequency band is specifically connected to smart devices.


4. Smart Light Control Installation Strategy 

How to choose basic equipment?

There are currently several ways to achieve:
-Smart bulbs/light strips are easy to operate, but few options are available;
-The operation of the wireless relay/wireless power controller is troublesome, and it is not recommended for technical novices to use;
-Smart switch panel + ordinary LED lamp + gateway. Smart switch panel is divided into wired and wireless. The wireless panel has less wiring and flexible switch position. Multiple scenes can be set on one switch, but the setting is more complicated and the wifi is broken. The switch also fails. If it is an ordinary lamp, it is necessary to add a controller to the lamp, which requires special intelligent solution company products and professional construction wiring debugging.

After a comprehensive comparison, the most recommended model for decoration is the wired panel + LED lighting + gateway in the “smart switch panel”. The wired panel can also be used as an ordinary switch if the wifi is broken. There are zero-fire and single-fire panels. The zero-fire is stable and cheaper than a single-fire switch. Therefore, it is generally recommended to directly select the zero fire switch for new decoration.

Intelligent light control starts from the needs of people’s body and mind, and injects the convenience of modern life into the atmosphere of the home. Use small life measures to liberate our more senses immersed in home life, so that we can have more freedom to control time, space and energy, and obtain a higher level of happiness, peace and harmony.

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