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Development of Food Packaging Industry

From the very beginning of life, Packaging have been in existence. Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden were actually practicing packaging when they fashioned cloths for themselves the very moment they discovered that they were naked. The need to protect and shield our possessions from the weather and diseases-causing agents is inborne and natural. In the same vein, the method of preserving foods in earthen pots, storing water in calabashes, and making clothes from leaves in order to cover their nakedness is an organic process of packaging.


The built-up of the packaging construction in Nigeria came into existence in 1964, pioneered by the Bordpak Company, they were the manufacturer of corrugated fibreboard. Before then, foods like sugar and bread were brought into Nigeria in wooden crates or corrugated fold board and cartons by the colonial masters.

The first set of companies to key into the packaging business was Guinness, Tate and Lyle, Lever Brothers and Nigerian Breweries, they benefitted from doing business with the Bordpak Company.

Bordpak Company is predicated in Apapa, Lagos State, they established their business and later integrated into a three-in-one complex that produced corrugated cartons, folding boxes (light pack), flexible wrappers, labels, laminates and sachets used for food packaging.

Today, the Nigerian companies manufacturing a spread of food packaging materials has increased tremendously, a number of which are the plastic and glass industries, and therefore the popular and well-known Bagco super sack that’s wont to pack food items and other materials.


Food Packaging can simply be defined as wrapping, containing, packing or processing foods in some form of material that will protect for storage, in the case of transporting or distributing the foods from one place to the other.


The advantage of Packaging Food items cannot be over emphasized. Some of which have been listed below:
– Food Packaging helps to protect foods from external agents, that may constitute a form of damage or have impact with the food which may crush or contaminate it.
– Food packaging serves as a form of Food preservation
– Food Packaging provides convenience to customers, in terms of food handling.
– Food packaging gives customers the opportunity to purchase their required quantity of food items that do not originally come in small quantities from the manufacturers.
– Food packaging encourages food affordability
– Food Packaging is an effective marketing tool, it makes foods presentable and attractive. Food packaging help for ease in transportation and distribution of foods in good condition.
– Food packaging can also provide and create jobs for young people, thereby reducing unemployment and improving the economy of the country.

Main purpose of Food Packaging

– Food preservation,
– Food containment,
– Food protection from damage
– Minimizes food wastage
– Provides information for customers

Functions of Food Packaging

– It attracts buyers’ attention to the product
– It serves a form of protection from external impact
– It makes food items easy to open and use
– It gives a firsthand description and information about the contents of the package
– Food packaging provides consumer information that may not necessarily be available if not packaged
– Value and price and how to use is indicated
– The benefits of the packaged food item can easily be seen on the package


– Protection
– Preservation
– Promotion.

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